How SubBase has revolutionized purchasing at VisualScape

VisualScape is an award-winning landscaping company based In Miami, South Florida. With over 200 employees, they provide everything from residential landscape design, installation, and maintenance to high-end commercial landscaping services.

The company’s journey with SubBase began after receiving a glowing recommendation from one of its valued clients. Owner and President Ivan Vila-ivilia explains how embracing SubBase has helped his company embrace automation and streamline its procurement process.

The problem

Old-fashioned procurement with too much paper

Before adopting SubBase, VisualScape relied heavily on manual and paper-based processes, resulting in several challenges.

“Our purchasing process lacked organization,” says Ivan. “The biggest challenge for us was that purchasing was left up to the project managers, and there was a lot of paper going around.”

With 12 project managers and only one person processing 90% of the orders, matching delivery tickets to invoices was daunting.

“One of the problems for us was matching delivery tickets to invoices,” Ivan explains. “Delivery tickets were not always handed in, invoices got lost, and there was no way of tracking purchases.”

Invoice matching was a manual process, and it was incredibly labor-intensive. There would be processing errors, no accountability from project managers, and staff were drowning in paperwork.

“The process was very time-consuming; there were lots of people in the mix, and there was no real way of doing things,” says Ivan.

The solution

Purchasing software that streamlines ordering and matching

“The best thing about SubBase is that everything is centralized,” says Ivan. “Orders are received through one central system, and I can track every purchase.”

This is significant for the company as it processes over 400 purchase orders monthly. SubBase has streamlined approvals, saved staff time, and simplified purchase order processing.

“There’s much less paperwork. An invoice comes straight into SubBase, and it matches it automatically,” says Ivan. “Instead of looking through files, POs, and paper invoices, project managers just have to approve the match.”

As an owner, Ivan also really values the responsiveness of everyone on the team at SubBase.

“SubBase is better than any other software company I’ve worked with,” says Ivan. “Whenever there are issues, or something needs to be modified, they pretty much handle it straightaway.”

The result

Automation is a game-changer for VisualScape

The adoption of SubBase has brought about significant improvements for VisualScape.

“90% of our purchases are now run through SubBase,” says Ivan. “Since adopting SubBase, our procurement team has reported substantial time savings of about 20-30%.”

Using SubBase to track purchasing, the company has experienced a notable reduction in paper- based processes and streamlined operations across the organization.

Project managers can get better visibility into costs and are more empowered to make informed purchasing decisions.

“SubBase has improved accountability and helps us control purchasing better; it’s so much easier to track spending and look back and see what you spent six months ago,” says Ivan.

The conclusion

SubBase has increased productivity and reduced manual processing

VisualScape wholeheartedly recommends SubBase to any organization looking to streamline its procurement processes. SubBase has improved efficiency across the whole company.

“It’s so user-friendly,” says Ivan. “Our project managers love it because they can use their iPads. Some even log into SubBase from their computers at home.”

SubBase has helped his company streamline and centralize its procurement and reduced manual processing. It saves time and increases productivity across the organization.

Ivan Vila