NexGen Contracting

NexGen has enhanced its workflow and increased visibility

Based in Franklin, TN, NexGen is the self-perform arm of leading engineering, design, and construction company Gray. It specializes in executing turnkey project scopes, including concrete, steel, millwright, and finishes.

Procurement Manager Matt Kerr shares how SubBase helped the company upgrade its operations.

The problem

NexGen’s procurement process needed modernization

Matt Kerr, Procurement Manager, explains…

“We relied on disparate spreadsheets and multiple email strings for a single order. It was slow, time-consuming, and inefficient.”

They needed a solution to make managing quotes and orders easier while increasing visibility across the organization.

The solution

SubBase helps teams collaborate in real-time

SubBase provided NexGen with a comprehensive solution to their problems.

“The platform allows NexGen the ability to collaborate better with all our vendors and project field teams in real time. This enables a single source of truth to streamline our process and workflow, which improves the company's visibility, minimizing errors and redundancy.”

The results

Streamlining NexGen’s entire procurement process

The implementation of SubBase has had an incredible impact on NexGen’s operations. It has:

  • Streamlined operations: The ordering process is faster, saving hours across field, office, and all vendor teams.
  • Increased productivity: NexGen can manage more projects and orders in half the time compared to their previous manual purchasing process.
  • Accountability: Increased visibility ensures all staff can follow one procurement process, enhancing accountability among project teams.
  • Cost savings: Centralized purchasing means NexGen can compare vendor quotes, and a materials' database makes future ordering and reporting easy.

The conclusion

NexGen has found a true collaborative partner

SubBase streamlined operations, improved collaboration, and enhanced visibility, significantly saving time and cost.

“We are already seeing significant savings in labor hours and material dollars across all our team’s functions. We consider SubBase to be a true collaborative partner, with only our success in mind.”

Matt Kerr

Procurement  Manager