JA&M Contractors

Streamlining project management with SubBase

JA&M Contractors, a Florida-based construction company established in 2005, has successfully reduced procurement time and streamlined processes using SubBase.

With a workforce of 100-400 workers and subcontractors, JA&M specializes in mid-rises, high-rises, affordable housing, and public and private projects.

Let’s dive into how JA&M uses SubBase to increase productivity and plans to improve its project management and accounting systems through integration in the future.

Overcoming inefficiencies and challenges

Before implementing SubBase, JA&M’s procurement process was slow, error-prone, and inefficient. Manual workflows and the lack of real-time tracking meant they often discovered issues weeks after they occurred, resulting in unnecessary delays and cost overruns.

JA&M identified SubBase as the perfect solution to improve and automate their procurement process. They particularly appreciate the tracking feature and the intuitive user interface. A color-coded system also makes it easy to grasp the status of tasks and make decisions quickly.

Real-time visibility and streamlined workflows

One of SubBase’s most beneficial aspects for JA&M’s owners is its real-time visibility. With all project data available on a live dashboard, everything they need is at their fingertips, allowing them to take immediate action and keep projects on track.

SubBase seamlessly integrates with PROCORE, JA&M’s preferred construction management system. This integration offers a powerful workflow automation solution, from the initial request for proposal (RFP) or request for quote (RFQ) to the creation of purchase orders (POs) and invoices. Field personnel can request materials within SubBase, enabling purchasing agents to generate quotes, convert them into POs, and ultimately process them against invoices. This streamlined process has saved valuable time and eliminated manual errors.

Smooth implementation and outstanding customer service

JA&M praises the SubBase implementation team for their exceptional support. Our team stood by their side throughout implementation, ensuring a smooth transition. JA&M appreciates SubBase’s top-notch customer service, noting that our team goes above and beyond to assist them every step of the way.

Future growth and continuous improvement

Having experienced the benefits of SubBase, JA&M is eager to explore its full potential. Its plans include optimizing the three-way matching process. These additions will further streamline workflows and drive greater efficiency in their project management practices.

JA&M recommends SubBase to their industry peers, highlighting its user-friendliness, real-time tracking capabilities, and overall efficiency as critical factors that have significantly improved their workflow processes.

Quotes from Annie Mecias, J&M Contractors

“SubBase are the best folks for implementation I have ever experienced.”

“I’ve never experienced a team like SubBase before. They are with you every step of the way and will do whatever it takes to get you through the process.”

“Their customer service is second to none.”

“I would recommend SubBase 100%.”

Annie Mecias