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How SubBase has simplified procurement for G&E Florida Contractors

G&E Florida Contractors is a leading concrete company with headquarters in South Florida. At the forefront of their operations is Project Manager Eduardo Sella. He explains how SubBase has simplified the procurement process, saving him time and improving productivity across the company.

Who is G&E Florida Contractors?

G&E Florida Contractors is a top-tier concrete building company based in Dania Beach, South Florida. The company specializes in high-rise residential buildings, multi-level parking structures, office buildings, and hotels and has been a leader in the industry for over 35 years. 

As a Project Manager, Eduardo Sella is responsible for overseeing and managing the planning, coordination, and execution of construction projects from beginning to end. Sella explains that with the challenges of limited resources, even the most minor time savings can make a significant difference in managing projects effectively.

G&E Florida Contractors has been using SubBase for over a year and is experiencing significant benefits. Their company mission is always to put their clients first and foremost, working together to build a strong partnership and achieve excellent results. 

The problem

G&E Florida Contractors' procurement process was a challenge

As a project manager, keeping track of orders, managing requests for quotes (RFQs), and obtaining price comparisons from multiple vendors was becoming increasingly inefficient. 

“Before we had SubBase, I used to call, text, or email our different vendors asking for a price for a product, and they would reply by text or email,” says Sella. “I had an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the items, but with the number of orders, it was getting a little tricky.” 

Manually contacting vendors, recording prices, and comparing quotes for various construction materials was time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Additionally, the absence of a systematic purchase order (PO) system made it challenging to manage orders efficiently. Sella explains, “Making orders wasn’t difficult, but it took too long.” 

The solution

Effortless ordering and purchasing with the SubBase App

“I discovered SubBase through an email with a short video introduction to the SubBase App,” says Sella. “I immediately told my boss to look at it because it looked like it could solve our problems.” 

SubBase offered an innovative solution to the company's challenges, promising to streamline the RFQ process, automate price comparisons, and generate purchase orders seamlessly.

“I told my boss, hey, this would help us out, save money and time, and that’s exactly what has happened,” says Sella. “100%”.

The implementation of SubBase was relatively straightforward, with the support team from SubBase readily available to address questions and issues. 

“We’re using SubBase for ordering and tracking orders,” Sella explains. “It’s a work in progress as we continue to add materials to the database and train other project managers, but it’s already saved us so much time.” 

The result

SubBase frees up time and improves cost control

SubBase has brought significant improvements, enabling the company to streamline the RFQ process and allowing project managers to access all vendor responses in one place and view all prices on a single screen.

“Before SubBase, I was manually keeping track of RFQs, orders, and doing the price level,” says Sella. “With SubBase, I send a request for a quote, receive all the responses in the app, and I can easily compare prices, track codes, and approve quotes quickly.” 

With SubBase streamlining every aspect of the RFQ process is easy, this has reduced errors and ensured project managers can consistently select the most cost-effective options.

“Not only does SubBase help me save time, but it frees me up to do other things, like coordinating the job and focusing on the financials,” says Sella. 

SubBase provides an automated workflow for generating purchase orders, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and making it easier to record when materials have been delivered.  

“Our vendors used to ask for a PO, but we didn’t have one,” says Sella. “Now I can match the invoice to the PO and know exactly which job site it's going to.” 

SubBase's mobile and desktop accessibility also allows project managers to access critical information on the go, ensuring better communication with the field team and vendors.

The conclusion

SubBase is the go-to purchasing app for project managers

SubBase has significantly improved G&E Florida Construction’s project management processes. 

Sella and his team have experienced substantial time savings, and greater visibility into cost comparisons, and they have streamlined purchase order management. 

“I would recommend SubBase, 100%,” says Sella. “Implementation was straightforward.”

SubBase’s ability to simplify and automate critical project management tasks can increase efficiency, save costs, and improve productivity. G&E Florida Contractors anticipates significant future benefits, particularly in further streamlining operations and communication with all project stakeholders.

Eduardo Sella

Project Manager